Bullet-style grip for SM57 and 545 microphones

The Bulletizer shown on a standard Shure SM57

The Bulletizer shown on an Ultimate 545

The Bulletizer™

Get a grip! ™

I think the Bulletizer is terrific ... for SM57 and 545 users, the Bulletizer is a must have .. Kinya Pollard, "The Harpsmith", Musician and Harmonica Craftsman, and Harmonica Masterclass Instructor
I got my Bulleteizer from the postal service today. It certanly made the 545 "bigger" sounding and much better to hold. It was also the first time I could use my mic without getting cramps in my fingers in the 3rd set. Arne "Arnenym" Hedberg, Sweden
The Blues Harp Amps Blog gives a very enthusiastic thumbs up to the Bulletizer. Rick Davis, Blues Harp Amps Blog

If you use a Shure 545 or SM57, you're not alone. These are wonderful harmonica mics and are in wide use. However their small diameter can make holding and cupping them uncomfortable. Over the last few years I've had many customers ask "Can you fit an SM57 or 545 element into one of your wood shells?"

The answer is no - the cartridge of these mics is about as long as a typical bullet shell's outside dimension, and then there's a transformer (located in the barrel of the standard mic) and the connector that have to be accommodated.

The Bulletizer™ is the solution. It gives you a larger surface to grasp and cup, and provides an acoustic chamber inside your cup to bring out the best of the mic's tone. You can even "tune the tone" by varying the position of the mic inside the shell.

The Bulletizer's outside diameter is 2 inches, making it very easy to cup, even if you have small hands. By comparison, a JT30 is 2.35 inches in diameter.

The Bulletizer is easy to install and remove, and fits very securely on your mic. To achieve this I machine each one in my own shop, to very close tolerances for an exact fit. For this reason it does not fit other microphones. It fits Shure SM57, Beta 57 (not Beta57A), 545 and PE54, and BlowsMeAway Ultimate versions of these mics. It DOES fit some SM57 clones like the MB 75 from Thomman.

Length: 1.95"
Outside Diameter: 2.0"
Inside Diameter (front): 1.625"
Weight: 1.8 oz
Material: Acetal*

Now available at $49, or $39 when purchased together with any Ultimate Series microphone.

Contact BlowsMeAway to purchase.