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Amplified Harmonica? This is the place.

You're going to like the way you sound. I guarantee it.

New Service - Laser Engraving now in-house at BlowsMeAway. Now I can engrave just about anything on anything. Bulletini's! Harmonicas! Harp cases! Just about any BlowsMeAway product. Contact me for info/quote, I haven't updated the site yet!

Who is BlowsMeAway Productions?

My name is Greg Heumann. I am a performing harp player and I know tone! I invent, engineer and manufacture innovative products specifically for amplified harmonica right here at my shop in Geyserville, California. I offer four distinct lines of microphones, all optimized for harp players, plus many support products like volume controls, cables, wireless systems, adapters and more. I also do service, modifications and carry parts for DIY'ers. I have been doing it for nearly 20 years. I have a track record of outstanding quality and customer service.

BlowsMeAway products are for everyone from beginner to professional. Keep scrolling to hear from some of my pro users. However if you just want a product line overview, click here to jump down to that section.There are more testimonials below that, and there are videos of me performing in the "About Me" section at the bottom of this page.

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More pros use BlowsMeAway gear than any other harmonica-specific vendor.

See why Rod Piazza, Rick Estrin, Charlie Musselwhite, Toots Thielemans, Kim Wilson, Mickey Raphael and other professional players like Shawn Amos, Dustin Arbuckle, Brandon Bailey, Steve Baker, Marko Balland, David Barrett, Robert Bonfiglio, Ben Bouman, Billy Branch, Big George Brock, Ian Collard, James Conway, Carlos del Junco, Hermine Deurloo, Kenny Dore, Ben Henry Edwards, Jay Edward, Joe Filisko, Mark Ford, Andy J Forest, Will Galison, Ross Garren, Jay Gaunt, PT Gazell, Jon Gindick, Heather Gemmell, Jefferson Goncalves, Enrico Granafei, Harry Harpoon, Dave Holtzman, Corrin Huddleston, Mark Hummel, Richard Hunter, Billy James, JellyRoll Johnson, Andy Just, Mitch Kashmar, David Kettlewell, Jackson Kincheloe, TJ Klay, Aki Kumar, Paul Lamb, Mark LaVoie, Tomlin Leckie, Jimi Lee, Patricia Marcoux, Magic Dick, LD Miller, JJ Milteau, RJ Mischo, Kenny Neal, John Nemeth, Bill Noteman, Darrell Nulisch, Paul Oscher, Rob Paparozzi, Roly Platt, Zack Pomerleau, Brendan Power, Joe Powers, Billy Prewitt, Wendell RayGiles RobsonMike Rogers, Peter "Madcat" Ruth,  Shane Sager, Curtis Salgado, Andy Santana, Will Scarlett, Wade Schuman, Hank Shreve, Gary Smith, Juzzie Smith, Mike Stevens, Jose Staneck, Rob Stone, Ron Sunshine, Koei Tanaka, Martin Tilley, Ofir Ventura, Roger Wade, AppleJack Walroth, LC Williams, Westside Andy, Chris Wood, Carlos Zialcita, and so many others come toBlowsMeAway for their amplified harmonica solutions....

Charlie Musselwhite, 6-time Grammy nominee and 23-time Blues Music (aka W.C. Handy) award winner prefers his BlowsMeAway Harmonica Microphones (he has three!) and in-line volume controls.
The mics Greg made for me have everything I like, want and have to have in a mic. First of all they have great tone. Second, they are very comfortable with easy access to the volume control; the wood shell makes it very comfortable to hold. And, third, they're great looking mics with a lot of class. Charlie Musselwhite - June 2008
Charlie Musselwhite using his BlowsMeAway Wood Mic
Toots Thielemans — perhaps the most famous harmonica player in the world — performs with an Ultimate 58.
My sound engineer (Chris Weeda) introduced me to a new microphone for my harmonica a while ago. Although it also takes a good sound engineer to give you the sound you want to hear on stage, I can say I'm very pleased with the Ultimate 58. It's a very nice, light and comfortable microphone. Thanks Greg!
August 22, 2016 - R.I.P. Toots Thielemans — you will be deeply missed.
January 2012
For more than 30 years and nine albums, Rick Estrin fronted the jumping, swinging Little Charlie & The Nightcats. The band continues with Rick up front to this day as Rick Estrin and the Nightcats. Here's what Rick says about his BlowsMeAway mic:
I've been performing for over 40 years and I'm very selective about the mics I use. The mic Greg made for me is great in every way. It has a huge, warm tone. It's light, easy to hold and I really dig the convenience of Greg's smooth "stealth" volume control design. And, if that's not enough, the beautiful, unique look of this mic is pure,unsurpassed class. Rick Estrin - June 2012
With his band The Blues Survivors, Mark Hummel has released some twenty albums since 1980, and has been both producing & performing at his Blues Harmonica Blowout™ series since 1991. These shows have grown to be a much heralded event & continue to draw sellout crowds wherever they appear.

Here's what Mark has to say about his mic:

My customized BlowsMeAway mic is the lightest, most comfortable, most beautiful, great sounding mic AND piece of handcrafted art I own!!! Thanks, Greg!! Mark Hummel - August 2012
With his band The Mighty Flyers, Rod Piazza has been recording longer than his mentor George "Harmonica" Smith did, or Sonny Boy Williamson (either of them!), or Big Walter Horton. He's been making records for more years than Little Walter was alive. Piazza is a tried-and-true, dyed-in-the-wool blues veteran with credentials that are second to none.

Rod chose burl maple, with a double stripe of black stone inlay and a personalized brass grill for his mic. Rod also uses a BlowsMeAway wireless system in his performances. Here's what he has to say:

Hey Baby. Just used Greg's new personalized harp mic and I'm here to tell ya. Not only is it gorgeous in appearance, but the feel and tone of the mic are as dynamic and punchy as you would want. The volume is a perfect taper and smooth as they come. I can dig it. Rod Piazza - February 2013
Willie Nelson's harmonica player for the last 37 years,Mickey Raphael endorses his BlowsMeAway wood harmonica mic for his blues work on stage with Willie. Additionally, he does studio work and has a CD out under his own name, and has worked with a who's who of artists including Elton John, U2, Motley Crue, Vince Gill, Emmy Lou Harris, The Mavericks, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Neil Young. Mickey wanted a very dark colored mic. This one is made from Gabon Ebony. He also wanted a low impedance setup so he could switch easily with his acoustic mic during his shows with Willie. Finally, he wanted the stealth volume control so he could easily match levels with the other mic. BlowsMeAway Productions is all about working with the customer to deliver exactly what they need and want. Here's what Mickey has to say:
This mic "blows me away". Willie turned to me and asked, "hey is Little Walter here?" Then he said "Wait, is Musselwhite here?" Our sound guys, who are never satisfied, said they really like this mic."
Mickey Raphael's BlowsMeAway Wood Mic
Grammy nominated performer Kim Wilson endorses BlowsMeAway custom wood harmonica microphones.
I've been in show biz a long time so I'm not easily impressed, but when I saw the workmanship that went into this mic I was, literally, "blown away". The attention to detail, the quality and beauty of the materials and, of course, the sound are very impressive indeed. I'm takin' this one on the road! Thanks Greg! Kim Wilson - March 2010
Kim Wilson's BlowsMeAway Wood Mic Kim Wilson using his  BlowsMeAway Wood Mic

More pro testimonials below!

Product Line Overview

Custom Wood Microphones

I make bullet-style microphones that are lighter, easier to hold and certainly more beautiful than the vintage industrial microphones they're intended to replace. They also have a wonderful warm tone and excellent feedback resistance as a result of the choice of materials. Each mic is a unique, handcrafted work of art. Go to the Custom Wood Mics page for much more information.

BlowsMeAway Productions wood bullet microphone BlowsMeAway Productions wood bullet microphone BlowsMeAway Productions wood bullet microphone
I play with a BlowsMeAway Productions wood mic and it is my favorite mic! Super light, great tone and it fits in your hand WAY better than the stock mics. The coolest looks! And I love the volume control now. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this mic to anyone that is serious about playing electric harp... I'm sold on Greg's mics! — recording artist Andy Just

Bulletini® Microphones

"The tiny bullet with the huge tone." The Bulletini is truly teeny - and is the only sub-sized bullet mic on the planet with The Heumann Element- the world's only microphone element developed specifically for harp!

BlowsMeAway Productions Bulletini microphone BlowsMeAway Productions Bulletini microphone

The incomparable Aki Kumar demonstrates the Bulletini.

See the Bulletini Mics page for more information.

Ultimate Series Microphones

Our take on the classic and popular Shure microphones, optimized for harmonica players. Shorter, lighter, built in volume control... and a choice of impedance and connectors to match your gear.

See the Ultimate Series page for more information. Ultimate Series mics are the choice of pros like Toots Thielemans, Ross Garren, Hermine Deuerloo, Billy Branch, Jackson Kincheloe, and Rob Paparozzi!

Rackit!™ Microphones

The hands-free microphone that cups the mic for you - so you can get big fat dirty blues tone while your hands are busy playing guitar, drums, keys....

See the Rackit! Mics page for more information. Rackit! can be handheld, stand mounted or held in a neck rack. Removable end caps allow you to choose the degree of "cupping" you want, for a range of tones from blues grit to Jimmy Reed/Bob Dylan clean!

Wireless Systems

I am no longer carrying wireless systems but I can help you get up and running with recommendations and any adapters you might need.

Visit the Wireless Systems page for more information.

BlowsMeAway Wireless Systema

In-Line Volume Controls

Designed by harp players for harp players, these handsome in-line volume controls give you simple and reliable volume control where you need it - at the microphone! This is useful for many reasons:

  • Kill feedback instantly
  • Optimize for vocals and harp when using the same mic for both
  • Adjust mid-performance for quieter harps (Low D comes to mind)
  • "Back off" a bit when filling behind anothers' solo or vocal.
  • Leave a little headroom for when the guitar player turns up (and you know he will...)
  • Turn your amp way up for overdriven sound, and back off at the volume control.
  • Walk over to adjust amp without feedback as you approach

These controls are precision machined, hand made and individually tested to withstand the rugged performance environment. I have made and sold hundreds of these controls. For more information, go to the Volume Controls and Adapters page.

Kalamazoo Amplifiers

I restore these wonderful mid-60's vintage amplifiers - quite simply the best little harp amps there ever were. I have bought, rebuilt and sold over 400 (!!!) of these, making me the worldwide Kalamazoo Model 1 and Model 2 expert. Visit the Kalamazoo Page for more information.

The Bulletizer™

You play a Shure SM57 or 545 mic. You love the tone but the small diameter makes your hand cramp up. This is the solution. Get a grip™ with The Bulletizer.

Custom Work

I also customize and repair microphones and build custom controls, cables and adapters. Please click the links for more information.


New! February 2022 - Introducing Rackit! 2.0

It's better in every way! Head to the Rackit! page to learn more about the Rackit! and hear Charlie Musselwhite, Mark Hummel, Jon Gindick, Jimi Lee, Juzzie Smith and Zack Pomerleau demonstrate the new Rackit!

Mark Hummel shows how it is done.

New! September 2019 - Shane Sager endorses Ultimate microphones

Shane Sager is touring worldwide with Sting.

Shane says:

I have been using a Shure 57 for many years now- I come from the blues originally like most harmonica players and love the sound of my BlowsMeAway custom wood bullet mic, but during this tour I needed to access a cleaner, more natural sound to be able to play in all styles from Jazz to Rock to Reggae. I find that the Ultimate 57 is the perfect mate to my chromatic harmonica; compact, easy to hold, and delivers a sweet and natural tone. I have used it on countless gigs all over the world and it has never failed - thanks Greg!

March 2019 - Chris Wood (The Wood Brothers Band) endorses BlowsMeAway Productions Rackit! microphone!

Two brothers decide to form a band, adapting the blues, folk and other roots-music sounds they loved as kids into their own evocative sound and twining their voices in the sort of high-lonesome harmony blend for which sibling singers are often renowned. The Wood Brothers are an international touring act drawing crowds wherever they perform.

Chris Wood plays both electric and acoustic bass, and harmonica in a rack, along with vocals. He has recently begun using the Rackit! microphone for his harp work, as well as some backing vocals.

Chris says:

For years I've dreamed of a way to mimic the sound of hands cupping my harmonica in its rack while I play the bass. The Rackit! finally made that possible!” --March 2019.
Learn more about the fabulous Rackit! Microphone - the hands-free harp mic with the big, fat tone. Learn more about the fabulous Wood Brothers Band.
Chris Wood Source: Matthew Rea Photography

March 2018 - Gary Smith endorses BlowsMeAway Productions' custom wood microphones.

I'm proud to welcome Gary Smith as my newest professional endorser. Gary, a Hohner “Master of the Harmonica", has been playing professionally since 1969 and was a big influence on many harp players, David Barrett, Aki Kumar, Mark Ford and myself among them. Gary is a tone monster and has many records and CD's out there. If you don't own his "Up The Line" - make a point of adding it to your collection. Here's what Gary has to say:
I've had a week or so with the mic. I haven't got back to you in part, because this work of yours is so damn thought provoking. Every harp mic I've ever used has been a resurrection of some antique repurposed p.a. mic. This is entirely different. You've reimagined the harpmic into a handcrafted artful and musical expression of your own design. Quite an achievement. So first ,kudos to you and your cottage industry of one. As for this mic...over the top looks, my friend. Anyone who has seen pictures is blown away, but in person...the eyes bulge! Like a flame-top les paul, only round! The sound is top shelf as well, the CR that you hand selected is spot on - big tone. And I've got to add something about the light feel of the mic. So different, and so welcome! I've long gotten accustomed to the heft of a jt-30 or 520, but I must say my 'arthur' hands really came to appreciate the light grip. Long and short, I'm really glad we made this happen. I'm the latest harp-maniac to be 'blown away' A zillion thanks, Gary Smith." March 2018.
Gary Smith's Coral Reefer mic

November 2017 - John Nemeth endorses BlowsMeAway Productions' custom wood microphones.

John Németh is an American electric blues and soul harmonicist, singer, and songwriter. He has received two Blues Music Awards for Soul Blues Male Artist in 2014 and Soul Blues Album in 2015. John's mic is made from an array of colored pencils, cast into a solid block with clear resin and then turned. John and I chose a vintage Shure black label CR element, made in 1950 to power this beauty. John says:
My Blowsmeaway microphone is the best one I own both in tone and craftsmanship, I love it! John Nemeth — November 2017
john nemeth wth his blowsmeaway wood mic

February 2017 - Jackson Kincheloe endorses BlowsMeAway Productions' Ultimate 57 microphone.

Jackson Kincheloe and his band Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds are a New York based band playing a funky modern blues/pop-hard to describe unique mix of great music, fronted by singer (and Jackson's sister) Arleigh. Jackson accompanies with a very broad range of harp tones - sometimes sounding like a blues harp, sometimes like a hammond organ, and sometimes joining the horn section. Jackson says:
I've been using the Ultimate 57 from BlowsMeAway for years, and absolutely love it! The shorter length barrel makes it easy to hold, and the volume knob is a must when using different textures/sounds. I prefer the 57 when playing through my pedalboard, but also love using the Ultimate 545 for blues and rock gigs. Greg is a pleasure to work with, and always gets right back to me if I have any questions. It's no surprise that I see Greg's mics being used by harp players all over the country: they're the best! Jackson Kincheloe — February 2017
May 31, 2016 - Andy Santana endorses BlowsMeAway Productions' Bulletini® microphone. Andy Santana and the West Coast Playboys have been around since the early 80's. Andy is a Delta Groove Records recording artist and has been playing harp for 36 years plus. Andy says:
... and during all that time I searched far and near for the best harp mic I could find. This quest recently led me to Greg Heumann and his Bulletini mic design. I have an impressive collection of very high quality mics from a variety of sources. All cost a lot more than the Bulletini, but what sets this unique mic apart from the rest is its consistency in every amp I use it with. It doesnt matter what amp I use, the sound is rich, round and fat. Even on amps designed for guitar it sounds good, and I can't say that for the other mics. Not only does it sound great but it's affordable as well. Quite frankly I love this little mic for its small size which allows for the most wicked cup possible, and its fat sound. I highly recommend the Bulletini to anyone. Lastly Greg Heumann is a good human being with integrity with a capitol "I". And he's a great harp player/singer. The fact that he plays allows him to deeply understand what it takes to build a great design. I highly endorse this fine product and hope you will check it out! Andy Santana — May 2016
Custom Wood Mic endorser, veteran harmonica master and king of tone Westside Andy loves his new BlowsMeAway Harmonica Microphone.
I just received my new mic from Greg and upon opening the box I was... well... Blown Away! It was absolutely drop dead gorgeous, a real knock out, a true art piece! but, how does it sound? Let me just say, it sounds as good as it looks! It feels great in the hands and that volume knob, oh my!! Why are you reading this? Go order yours NOW! Westside Andy Linderman — July 2015
Westside Andy using his BlowsMeAway Wood Mic

About Me

In February 2017 harmonica manufacturer Seydel and pro player PT Gazell published a video about me:

The short story: I retired from my first career and started BlowsMeAway in 2004. I operate my own machine shop, wood shop and electronics lab. I'm the engineering department, the marketing department, the sales department, the shipping department..... you gotta problem? I can take care of it! Perhaps more importantly I'm a performing harmonica player and I use the gear I make. My band, Bluestate, released an album called Duracool which is available on iTunes and here at (I am the lead singer - there is harp on about 5 of the tunes.) I think it is important for your mic builder to be able to "walk the walk." You be the judge.

This is me:

As is this:

And so is this:

And this - which is NEW! April 6, 2022

From the same show, Caldonia - with me singing. April 6, 2022