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Hands-free Harmonica Microphone

“At last! Big-time blues harp amplification for rack players!
This is going to be a game changer.” --Jon Gindick

Jon Gindick is an American best-selling musical instruction author. His books, CDs, and videos on playing the blues harmonica have sold over 2,000,000 copies.   
He owns and operates Blues Harmonica Jam Camp, a 5-day blues harmonica retreat for players of all levels in Clarksdale, Mississippi and Ventura, Califoria.

Most players know that cupping a harmonica microphone fattens your acoustic and especially your amplified tone. Unfortunately this is impossible for people whose hands are busy doing something else – like playing guitar, or for people with disabilities that prevent them from cupping a traditional mic. Rackit! cups the mic for you! And the built-in Bulletini® mic has already earned high praise from beginners to pros. You get world class tone, hands-free!


“EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for for 30 yrs! It has never been possible for a solo singer/guitarist to get that classic, distorted, Little Walter harmonica sound while using a harp rack… until now. And, being able to walk around onstage without sticking in front of the mic stand, and having a volume control on the harp rack is amazing. The Rackit! is what you want. And, then you will soon find that Greg Heumann’s products are the absolute gold standard for all harp products. Life is too short, and your career too vital, to go with cheap gear that will let you down, or leave you not even knowing what your sound is missing. Use the best.” Eric E., 40-yr veteran guitarist/singer-songwriter

Eric E with Rackit!

Rackit! Features:

  • Stunning tone!

  • 3 Tone Modes: “Huge”, “Fat” and “Bright” - Switch easily between them during performance

  • Fits most popular 10-hole harmonicas*

  • Fits most popular racks*

  • 3D printed, soft and flexible material won't harm your harps

  • Incorporates the legendary Bulletini® microphone

  • Switch harps easily and quickly

  • Wired or Wireless operation

  • Allows a deeper embouchure than some racks permit (more harp in your mouth)

  • Use amplified or acoustic, in a rack
    or hand held

  • Light weight, low profile - see
    your guitar's neck!

  • Configurable for left- or right handed operation

*See list below
Jon Gindick
In this photo, Jon is playing with the tone control end cap removed - for "bright" mode.

Don't believe it? Listen to these pros! You've never heard harp in a rack like this!

Or... Jump to the Product Info, Specs and Ordering Information Section (below the videos)

Brody Buster, winner of the Best Harmonica Player Award at the 2017 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, has been featured on countless TV shows, including the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Dateline, Crook & Chase, and the Jon Stewart Show. Even Baywatch Nights and Full House showcased Brody's talents. Brody has shared the stage with Quincy Jones, Keb Mo, Chaka Kahn, Lee Oskar and was a regular performer at B.B. King's Blues Club. B.B. was once quoted as saying, "Despite his age, Brody Buster is one of the greatest harmonica players of our time."

Brody says:

I haven't been able to get this kind of tone doing my one-man band thing until now.”

TJ Klay is an extremely talented musician dividing his time between Nashville, TN and San Diego, CA.

TJ says:

I have been chasing an amplified rack tone set-up for years. Rackit! is the answer to my prayers! Even in a low volume acoustic setting you'll get a Big, Fat,BossHarp sound.”

In this video, TJ is running through a Lone Wolf Blues Harp Attack pedal into a 1965 pre-CBS Fender black face Princeton Reverb.

Juzzie Smith is a marvelous multi-instrumentalist juggling rack player and street performer from Australia. His one-man band performance videos on YouTube have millions of views and should not be missed.

Jon Gindick is an American best-selling musical instruction author. His books, CDs, and videos on playing the blues harmonica have sold over 2,000,000 copies. He owns and operates Blues Harmonica Jam Camp, a 5-day blues harmonica retreat for players of all levels in Clarksdale, Mississippi and Ventura, Califoria.

It was Jon's book and accompanying cassette tape, that started me on harmonica eons ago.

Jon loves his Rackit! He says:

“At last! Big-time blues harp amplification for rack players! This is going to be a game changer.”

RJ Mischo is considered by critics and fans worldwide to be in the upper echelon of today’s great Harp players and singers. RJ started playing at the age of ten and by the time he was 19 he was working as a full-time professional musician. He began his career in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota an area that has spawned so many famous musicians. RJ cut his teeth with the legends of the Twin Cities’ Blues scene Percy Strother, Mojo Buford, Sonny Rogers, & Lazy Bill Lucas.

RJ is best known for his band work, but loves playing solo shows with a rack, and has confided in BlowsMeAway Productions that such performances are part of his "retirement plan." :)

Harry Harpoon's grandpa taught him how to play harmonicas at an early age. Later, along with his East LA bethren William Clarke, Rod Piazza and Lynwood Slim, Harry was fortunate to come under the tutelage of George Harmonica Smith. Harry has entertained legions of fans as a one man band throughout the Great Basin, from the California's Sierras to Western Colorado where he now resides.

Here's what he says about Rackit!: “Watershed moment the instant I started playing! Start raising sand now!”

Li'l Chuck The One Man Skiffle Machine says:
“Kia ora folks, Li'l Chuck from New Zealand telling you that if you are serious about playing amplified rack harmonica, then look no further than the Rackit! Trust me - I used the Rackit! at a half dozen shows so far. I reckon Greg has nailed it man! The Rackit! has a heck of a lot more punch than I was previously getting with my Strnad, and I was hearing everything I needed through the Front of house and Monitors. The usability factor matches all my specific requirements. Compared the the Strnad, the output is huge and much fatter. A warm and much bigger sound with a significantly higher volume output” - Davey aka Li’l Chuck, NZ - 8/14/17
As part of Aria award winning Blues trio Collard Greens and Gravy, singer and Harmonica player Ian Collard has established himself as one of Australia’s leading blues artists.

You'll notice Ian has the Rackit!'s End Cap fully removed for a fairly bright tone, and has taken advantage of the Rackit!'s ambidextrous flexibility to move the Bulletini mic to the left side.
How clean does the Rackit! go? Here's a quick demo into a very dirty amp.

Can I use a Rackit! together with a vocal mic?

Yes! No problem. Here's Germany's Klaus Stauchulet, aka "Dr. Mojo" showing how it's done. He is using the Rackit! Stand Mount.

With his powerful, sensitive voice, the blueness of the bluesharp, the guitar and foot percussion, he creates a sound that is rarely achieved by a single musician.

Read What Rackit! customers say about Rackit!

And here is more praise from the pros...

Big Jon Atkinson, perhaps best known as Kim Wilson's guitar player, is a multi-instrumentalist phenom equally at home on harp or guitar. Big Jon says:

“The Rackit! is well designed and is a perfect fit for anyone wanting to fatten up their tone in a rack.”
Jimi Lee is an outstanding entertainer from Austin, TX. Here's what Jimi has to say about the Rackit!:

“Finally someone created a mic for harp in a rack that has great tone, and it's easy to switch harps. BlowsMeAway hit a home run with the Rackit!”


Deak Harp is one of America's best known players for getting huge tone out of his rack harp mic. Deak "rolled his own" with some help from me years ago. Now, hear what Deak has to say about Rackit!:

“Ever since I have been playing harp amped in a rack, folks want me to make them one. I asked Greg way back when I started "can you make one that will work like mine?" Well he did it. We went back and forth on a few things. And now it's just what everyone wants . Easy to change harps. Mine is not . And it has a volume control on it that mine does not. I think it is a great product. For everyone that is looking for big fat tone on a rack, it's a no brainier. If I wasn't so used to mine. I would use the Rackit!. I will sell them in my store, Mississippi Saxophones in Clarksdale.” ---Deak Harp.

Deak sells the Rackit! out of his famous Mississippi Saxophone store in Clarksdale, MS.

Ordering Information:

Rackit! comes in 3 models:

Rackit! - if you already own a Bulletini or Bulletini-VC, you can convert it to a Rackit!* You can also use this model, in or out of a rack, to help hold and cup your harp. Players with disabilities can have trouble getting a pleasing, cupped tone from their harmonicas. Rackit! can be a great help!

*To install your Bulletini, the Bulletini's grill has to be removed, and there are two way-too-easy-to-lose tiny screws that hold it into the Rackit! - so this isn't a swap you'd want to make during a performance.

Includes Bulletini mounting screws and 1.5mm allen wrench


Rackit!-B - All of the features of the Rackit!, includes the legendary Bulletini microphone.


Includes Bulletini grill and grill foam, and 1.5mm allen wrench


Rackit!-BVC - All of the features of the Rackit!, includes the legendary Bulletini-VC microphone with built in volume control.


Includes Bulletini grill and grill foam, and 1.5mm allen wrench

All Rackit!'s come with removeable tone control end caps. One is solid, the other has a hole allowing "wah" hand effects. When no mic is installed, install the solid plug at one end and the hole plug at the other - the hole plug is for your "wah" hand. When the Bulletini mic is installed, use the solid plug for "Huge" tone. Install the (holed) one for a slightly brigher, but still "Fat" sound with the possiblity of adding hand effects. For the cleanest acoustic tone, remove the end cap entirely. end caps


Bulletini is a high impedance microphone with a Switchcraft screw-on connector. You might need one or more of these accessories to get connected:
20’ Switchcraft screw-on female to 1/4” male cable
Switchcraft 332 adapter (allows use of a 1/4” to 1/4” guitar cable or Samson AG8 wireless transmitter)
$14.95 Switchcraft 332A Adapter
The following "shorty" cables allow you to "remote" a secondary connection by running the cable up and around your neck or over your shoulder. This eliminates the possibility that some combinations of adapters, plugs and wireless transmitters become long enough to irritate your chest while performing with the Rackit! in a rack.
Screw-on to 1/4" jumper cable - 24" cable, allows connection of a guitar cable or Samson AG8 wireless transmitter)
Screw-on to XLR jumper cable - 24" cable, unbalanced, Pin 2 Hot - allows connection of an XLR to 1/4" cable or Samson AX1 wireless transmitter
Screw-on to XLR jumper cable - 24" cable, unbalanced, Pin 3 Hot - allows connection of an XLR to 1/4" cable
Screw-on to XLR, impedance matching, balanced output jumper cable - 24" cable, (for connecting to a PA or other low impedance input.)

Note you can also use the screw-on to 1/4" cable above, into a "Direct Box" (aka "DI" or "Direct Input" box) - and from there to the PA. Sound guys always have DI boxes - that’s how they connect basses and keyboards to the PA. An XLR to XLR cable runs from the DI box to the PA. 

Adapter Kit - For Seydel Gecko and Farmer ArchTop and SideNote HarpHolders - includes steel attractor plate, mounting tape, adhesion primer and instructions. 

Learn more about this great rack at Farmer Footdrums' web site.

Also available at Rockin' Ron's


Farmer Kit
Stand Mount

Mounts Rackit! to vertical or boom-style mic stands. Rackit clips easily but firmly into the mount. Harp can be adjusted +/- 10 degrees independent of stand angle.

Includes mount and 2 "star" thin 5/8"-27 lock nuts.

When you order I’ll need to know:

  • Where you live (just state if U.S. or country if not) so I can figure shipping
  • Which model - Rackit!, Rackit!-B, or Rackit!-BVC (see above)
  • Do you need a cable or any adapters? (see above)

My 1st choice is always the screw-on cable as it keeps the flexible portion of the cable as close to the mic as possible, which minimizes any restrictions on freedom of movement. 

Let me know your preferences and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

Want to go wireless? You'll want to check out the Wireless Systems page and order the Rackit! Wireless bundle, or, if you already own a Bulletini, a wireless system and a Switchcraft 332 adapter. Once you know what you want, let me know and I will send you a PayPal invoice. Please tell me where you live so I can provide an accurate shipping quote.

Weight: Rackit! -- 1 oz.
Rackit!-B -- 7 oz.
Rackit!-BVC -- 7.2 oz.
Length: Rackit! -- 5”
Rackit!-B -- 6 1/4”
Rackit-BVC -- 6 1/2"
Diameter: 1.7”
Body Material: 3D Printed Thermoplastic Polyurethane (“TPU”)
Mic Material: Cast Zinc
Mic Element: “The Heumann Element” - High impedance, dynamic, neodymium magnet, harp-tuned (See the Bulletini page for more information)
Mic Connector: Switchcraft 5/8” Screw-on Male

Harmonicas tested:

  • Easttop 10-hole
  • Hohner Marine Band
  • Hohner Special 20
  • Hohner Crossover*
  • Hohner Golden Melody 
  • Lee Oskar
  • Seydel 1847 (Noble, Classic, Silver, One70)
  • Seydel Session, Session Steel
  • Seydel Solist Pro (12 hole), Favorite
  • Suzuki Manji & Low Tone
  • Suzuki BluesMaster
*The Hohner Crossover has very sharp rear corners that can damage your Rackit! The Rackit! Owner's Manual provides instructions on how to bend the corners slightly to prevent this.
Racks tested:
  • NEW! Seydel Gecko - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**
  • Hohner HH-01*
  • Hohner HH-154*
  • Hohner MZ-2010 Flex Rack
  • Konig & Meyer*
  • Farmer Footdrums ArchTop and SideNote**
  • Blues Tools***

*These racks may have L-shaped tabs that prevent a harmonica from moving too far rearward. In some cases you can rearrange the rack so these tabs are on the front side – in which case the Rackit! will fit just fine. Otherwise, these tabs must be removed or bent straight to accommodate Rackit! Rackit!. prevents your harps from moving rearward.

**The Farmer Footdrums magnetic racks require installation of an Adapter Kit, sold separately. The kit provides a small steel bar with double-face tape that you mount in the “well” in Rackit!’s lower jaw to attract the magnet.

*** Out of production

The days of "roll your own" are over!

Get a Rackit!

Make a racket!


Not sure? Contact BlowsMeAway with your questions not answered above. Link doesn't work? email

Warranty: BlowsMeAway warranties Rackit! Microphones for 1 year from date of purchase.

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