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"The hands-free harmonica mic with the great big tone"

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The following quotes were copied from emails and Facebook posts.

“For years I’ve dreamed of a way to mimic the sound of hands cupping my harmonica in its rack while I play the bass. The Rackit! finally made that possible!” Chris Wood - The Wood Brothers Band - March 2019.
“EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for for 30 yrs! It has never been possible for a solo singer/guitarist to get that classic, distorted, Little Walter harmonica sound while using a harp rack… until now. And, being able to walk around onstage without sticking in front of the mic stand, and having a volume control on the harp rack is amazing. The Rackit! is what you want. And, then you will soon find that Greg Heumann’s products are the absolute gold standard for all harp products. Life is too short, and your career too vital, to go with cheap gear that will let you down, or leave you not even knowing what your sound is missing. Use the best.” Eric E., 40-yr veteran guitarist/singer-songwriter
Hi Greg, I'm loving the mic. I had struggled getting the harmonica facing the mic correctly while playing my guitar with many other mics. Hence the Rackit! is the best option so far by a long shot. By the way... Switching harmonicas has never been so easy as this sliding mechanism. Andres G 10/29/17
Greg, I’m thrilled with the tone of the Rackit! I often play Delta blues in a one-man-band setup. Years ago, I used duct tape to attach a green bullet mic to a harmonica rack. It sounded good but looked quite weird and caused neck pain (heavy). The Rackit! produces that deep resonant Chicago tone that is so prized. Wahoo! -- Jerry S 10/30/17
Yeah man! I received the Rackit! and it is fantastic! I finally got to practice it with the whole band this weekend! Thank you so much dude!!!! Zack T 10/30/17
Hello Greg! I have had a chance to practice a bit with the Rackit, and I really enjoy it. I’m looking forward to adding it to my live act soon! Thanks so much. Nate G 10/30/17
Greg, I’d just like to let you know that I’m VERY happy with the Rackit and volume control. It’s exciting to be able to get a fat, lush tone with a rack . It opens up a lot of possibilities! As for the volume control, I’ve avoided using them for years, thinking that they diminished my tone. Not so with this one. Works great! -- George L -- 1/12/18
Greg, It arrived already! I LOVE it! Thank you for making all this delicious tone possible. I'm a beginner on harmonica, and all this tone you've created turns practicing from drudgery into joy. --- Ari S, 4/30/18
Just wanted to take a second and tell you that the Rackit is a great invention. I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve been just running it straight through my PA, and getting a warm, rich sound from it. Thanks for the great product! Shawn C. 7/2/18
God bless you... I am stoked...I have caught the sound I have been chasing for 30 years.. Luv it! --- Troy D 7/4/18
Greg, Thanks-a-million! Have been playing on the Rackit! and everything works fine. Thanks for taking care of my deal. Getting compliments on the sound with the Bulletini at gigs and open mics. I will recommend you just for the personal care you have for the whole business. You're awesome! Skip S 8/24/18
I think the rackit is the best harmonica product on the market to get that cup sound that you want with out having your hands around it is awesome. Bulletini microphone Is the best sounding microphone I found I have some pretty nice microphones I’ve got to be sure 585 I’ve got the EV RE 10 and Astatic 335h-46 and sure Commando and EV 635a and sure bullit. The Bulletini Beats them all hand down for sound and tone - Jay S via Facebook 9/9/18
Congratulations on the creation of the Racket. This instrument (Racket) is what I have dreamed of and searched for a long time. I am attaching a piece called "Blues for Joy" that exemplifies my simultaneous playing style on two instruments that is ten minutes long. The Racket did a great job of capturing the harp. Thank you very much! --- Wayne H, 10/1/18
Hi Greg , I really like the Mic and i am enjoying playing it. thank you so much for sending it , i did not have to pay to much duty. Regards, Utoen -- 2/8/19
Thank you Greg, I think you are right! Just was using your Rackit!-BVC and blew myself away. Could actually sing with it as well ! Bonus!!! Sound is HUGE... Using the Huge plug. Clyde M. 3/26/19
Hi there, this is Ken, aka Sugar Brown, all the way up in Toronto. I received the Rackit a week ago or so. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making this ingenious device. I play Chicago blues so I wanted a Little Walter sound for the rack. This is the best idea I’ve seen and the best I’ve heard, and it's lightweight and super effective. After experimenting all week with it, I really appreciate the many tones that are possible with the different caps, and also with the options of putting the mic on both sides. Ingenious! Congratulations and thanks again, it’s a game-changer! (e.g., goodbye forever the Strnad!) Sugar Brown - 4/6/19
I received the Rackit Wednesday, and tested it in live yesterday, and as I expected, what a sound ! It’s exactly what I seek for a long time ! Thank You ! Cheers ! Aymerick - 7/7/19
Hey Greg Just wanted to let you know the Rackit sounds fantastic, especially through my old Valco’s and Premier Twin 8. Just like my hand held mic. Great combo with my lap steels. Great job Greg! Thanks, Ken - 8/30/19
Tried the Rackit! with a small (solid state) practice amp - "fat" sounds great, as does "no end cap". Will probably use it most without the end cap, as I'm a general barroom solo entertainer type guy, although I like to impress myself by playing "Juke" on a rack - so will probably use the "fat" setting for that and other "bluesy" stuff. I will be plugged into my PA. Looking forward to using it in the real world! No going back to Strad - that was kind of "fake fat" sound IMO.

2 days later: "I just finished playing out out for the first time with the Bulletini/Rackit combo and I just have to say it’s a killer. Best harp sound I’ve ever had, fat or clean. So glad I made this investment!"

Matt P. 11/6/19
You have a great product! I'm "blown away!" Ron Y. 11-20-19
Greg, Man were you right about how this Rackit rig sounds! This thing has so much tone to work with, incredible! I have never had enough bass or "balls" out of my Gibson Minuteman amp and of course not able to turn up any treble. It's a brand new rig now, so much potential, I love it. Your suggestion about the volume control on the mic was right-on as well. I am so glad I took your advice about that, it's control at my fingertips. It's a totally new instrument and I'm schoolin' myself on it. :-) Hope you are surviving the pandemic OK, Stay Safe! Thank You!!!! Bill H 4/10/20
Got the order a couple days ago and love the Rackit! Thanks again. Keep up the great work!
Matt H. 10-8-20
I play the Rackit! very often and finally I have a great harp sound, even when I play guitar. I would not like to be without it anymore. I have tried almost everything there is in this field, Rackit is the easiest, most flexible and best system. --- Raffael M. 10-15-20
Greg! My RackIt just arrived. It’s amazing! I really am blown away. Can’t thank you enough. I’m even enjoying playing it acoustically. And amplified, I’m getting the sort of sound I thought I’d never get one handed - I’m delighted. I really have no excuses now, just need to practice. --- Darren W. 11-29-20