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"The hands-free harmonica mic with the great big tone"

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The following quotes were copied from emails and Facebook posts.

Hi Greg, I'm loving the mic. I had struggled getting the harmonica facing the mic correctly while playing my guitar with many other mics. Hence the Rackit! is the best option so far by a long shot. By the way... Switching harmonicas has never been so easy as this sliding mechanism. Andres G 10/29/17
Greg, I’m thrilled with the tone of the Rackit! I often play Delta blues in a one-man-band setup. Years ago, I used duct tape to attach a green bullet mic to a harmonica rack. It sounded good but looked quite weird and caused neck pain (heavy). The Rackit! produces that deep resonant Chicago tone that is so prized. Wahoo! -- Jerry S 10/30/17
Yeah man! I received the Rackit! and it is fantastic! I finally got to practice it with the whole band this weekend! Thank you so much dude!!!! Zack T 10/30/17
Hello Greg! I have had a chance to practice a bit with the Rackit, and I really enjoy it. I’m looking forward to adding it to my live act soon! Thanks so much. Nate G 10/30/17
Greg, I’d just like to let you know that I’m VERY happy with the Rackit and volume control. It’s exciting to be able to get a fat, lush tone with a rack . It opens up a lot of possibilities! As for the volume control, I’ve avoided using them for years, thinking that they diminished my tone. Not so with this one. Works great! -- George L -- 1/12/18
Greg, It arrived already! I LOVE it! Thank you for making all this delicious tone possible. I'm a beginner on harmonica, and all this tone you've created turns practicing from drudgery into joy. --- Ari S, 4/30/18
Just wanted to take a second and tell you that the Rackit is a great invention. I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve been just running it straight through my PA, and getting a warm, rich sound from it. Thanks for the great product! Shawn C. 7/2/18
God bless you... I am stoked...I have caught the sound I have been chasing for 30 years.. Luv it! --- Troy D 7/4/18